StarBirth 3D

StarBirth 3d is a small prototype I made based off the StarBirth code to test 3d anaglyph rendering. Two cameras are used to simulate the left and right eye. The eyes can be adjusted to change the space between them and the angle they are pointed to create a focus point. Each eye is rendered separately to a render target and then blended together to form a single image. Like Starbirth this was programmed with xna.

How Are Our Arbour

This game was developed for the first “Dirty Rectangles Showcase” featuring not-one-player games with the theme of “Growth”. HAOA is a game about teamwork and growth, where players grow a tree by feeding it nutrients from its roots. HAOA features procedurally generated trees that grow from saplings and change their growth based on the different nutrients they receive during the course of one play. The game concept was originally designed by Eric McQuiggan, the sound FX and music was done by Derek Ledoux, and all the programming was done myself. HAOA was developed in C# with the xna.

Pулетка интернет

рулетка интернет (Roulette Internet) is an updated version of рулетка featuring a updated graphics, game play, a multiplayer lobby, and server scanner. Put together by several members of the tanks team рулетка was updated for our networking class final project. In the updated version players enter the lobby together and move around in real-time and new game mechanics allow players to pull the trigger several times and spin the barrel when ever they choose for death defying combos. This game was programmed using c# and xna.

Desert Fox

Desert Fox is a game made for the final of the Algonquin game development program. It was made in an 9 man team over 4 months and was developed for the PC and Xbox. I was mainly involved with production, design, and programming. My main programming responsibilities were collisions, weapons, projectiles, all mixed in with a lot of troubleshooting and debugging. I also handled re-factoring a lot of the code after a few large engine tweaks and implementing features from our original tech demo. Some tech that I developed that did not make it into the final builds included upgrade systems, a comic style parallaxing cinematic system, as well as some over powered weapons and cheats.

Time and Money

This game was made for the Gamma IV One Button Games Competition hosted by kokoromi. This game was my first attempt at making an “art game”, where the games mechanics are used to communicate a message. Time and Money was developed in a month using the c# with xna all the art and programming was done myself.

Alien Apocalypse

This game was a Java project I made for school, the assignment was to make a top down space shooter. Since I had made more top down shooters for school projects than I would like, I decided to go in another direction. I decided to make a shooter with voxels and volume rendering in 3d. The game features a third person chase camera following the ship and players shoot forward to approaching enemies like in “Starfox.” This was my first attempt at volume rendering and using open gl in Java, it was developed with the LWJGL (light weight Java game library).

Retro Game Series

This is a series of school projects based on retro games. Each project was based around several elements of game programming ranging from things like object oriented design to collision and physics. Everyone has to start somewhere and simple clones are a great place to practice basics. These projects were made in c++ using Win forms and the Win GDI graphics library.

Colour Balance

Colour Balance is a puzzle platformer that used the iPhones built in accelerometers where players must navigate a series of puzzles. The main puzzle mechanic revolves around colour mixing and colour theory. Players have to adjust their colour to match the goal colour by turning on and off RGB channels. This game was developed for the iPhone and entered in the IGF Mobile 09. This game was developed with x code in objective C and with Open GL ES.

LHC: The Game

Large Hadron Collider: The Game is a flash game I developed for school about the LHC in Geneva. In this tongue and cheek flash game players must organize and collect sub atomic particles into the proper detectors in order to prevent the creation of a black hole. I did all the programming for this project and the art and sound work was done by Yan LaFontaine.

Dirty Rectangles 48H Blasts


This game was made for the sixth “Dirty Rectangles Programming Blast” with the theme of “Electricity”, This is the first Blast that we did over a week. For this blast I had the idea of using clouds to make lighting. So for this blast I researched fluid dynamics clouds and weather. This project implements a fluid solver ported from Java written by Cal Tech, It is based of Jos Stam’s paper “Real-Time Fluid Dynamics for Games”. This project was developed with xna in c#.


Tectonics was made for the fifth “Dirty Rectangles 48h Blast Programming Weekend” with the theme of “Earthquakes”. In this game players take the roll of mother nature and must shake off some pests setting up shop. Players cause earthquakes to sake down and destroy buildings being erected. They must keep buildings below 15 storeys and cause as much damage possible. This game was developed in # with xna, the art was done by Ian Anderson and all the programming was done by me.

Arbour Explorer

The Arbour Explorer was developed for the fourth “Dirty Rectangles 48h Blast Programming Weekend” with the theme of “Regrowth”. This Blast took place weekend after the not-one-player showcase that had the theme of “Growth”, so we decided to do a “Regrowth” weekend for all the people that missed the showcase or did not finish their projects. This project featured the tree code form “How Are Our Arbour” and was a tree viewer demonstrating the variety of plants that can be grown with the algorithm. This program was developed in C# with the xna library.


This game was made for the third “Dirty Rectangles 48h Blast Programming Weekend” with the theme of “Vikings”. In this game you control a Viking long-ship on an endless sea. Players use the triggers on an xbox controller to change the angle of the sail and must catch the wind to gain speed. This game also features a weather system with wind as well as a day and night cycle. This game was developed with xna in c#.


рулетка (Roulette) was made for the second “Dirty Rectangles 48h Blast Programming Weekend” with the theme of “Vices”. This game is a Russian roulette simulator with a lobby and 4 rooms were players can go and challenge an NPC to a game. The player takes turns with the NPC pulling the trigger with a 1 in 6 chance to get the fatal bullet. Unlike most games in this one death has dire consequences.


Starbirth was made for the first “Dirty Rectangles 48h Blast Programming Weekend” with the theme of “Birth”. This game was made with the initial concept of using gravity to collect hydrogen and form stars in the early universe. Players have 4 gravity points that they can place to effect 5000 particles in a real-time simulation. This game was programmed in c# with the xna library.



This is a tool I made to dynamically load image files and use add a post-process bloom effect. It uses win forms and xna content loading to load the file and the effects. This tool was programmed in c# with the xna library.


This was a prototype I made for a chat program that uses the google translator API to reach a linguistic equilibrium between two languages. Users enter a string of characters in the first language and the program translates the string into the second language, the program repeats this process until the string is the same. This program is a simple console application written in c#.

Voxel Edit

This project was an experiment in volume rendering and voxel graphics. You control a cursor in a 16^3 volume turning on and off volumes, there is colour control for each point. the little tool allows users to create retro style 3d graphics much like “3d Dot Game Hero” or “Fez”. This program was made in c++ with and open gl using the glut library.

Balance Edit

This is a tool I developed while working on my iPhone game “Colour Balance”. It was intended to be used as a simple level editor but I ended up using it for many other projects. The editor allows users to plot points on a 2d grid and outputs the locations of each points x,y value. This program is a simple console application made with c++.

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