That time a guy cloned the My little Pony game I Designed

That time a guy cloned the My little Pony game I Designed

Once upon a time I was working on McDonalds Happy Studio, We were trying to design games for up coming content and one that we flushed out was a salon dress up game.  At the time this game was thrown on the shelf for later use until one day we got the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic licence. It was decided we would use this dress up game based off my design and I was delighted.  Once receiving the game game back from the developers and I got to play the build I though it was super funny I ended up getting to design a MLP game.

The folks over at Equestri daily, one of what I assume is many bronie blogs, also though it was great fun and wrote article about our game. This is where I think it starts to get funny, Happy studio was localized into about 40 different langues for over 30 countries across the EU and each region had different Happy Meal licenses active at any given time.  Due to the McDonald happy meal licensing many properties had to be removed from the site when the happy meal campaign was over.

This made it very difficult for the bronies to find and play the MLP dress up game on happy studio. Enter LordPrevious of Deviantart,  Previous and his friends were getting frustrated they were unable to find the game because of silly region and licence issues so he took it upon himself to rebuild the game!  He managed to download the raw swf file and recompile the music and assets and reprogrammed the game.

More on his efforts and the build of the game can be seen on his site here.

The extra funny thing is now happy studio is no longer online and this is the only playable version of the game left!

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