Fuel Portfolio

Fuel Portfolio

After 5 years at fuel starting as a Jr. flash developer and eventually moving into game design and R&D my time there is over, Here is a collection some of the great work I was able to be a part of.

Happy Studio

Happy studio was one of the main projects I worked on at fuel, it is a youth focused MMO for McDonald’s. On Happy Studio I was a lead developer leading a team of 8 developers locally and overseas. I was also responsible for designing/developed many mini games, features, and systems for the flash client.

Star Wars: Ewok Village

This was a game we developed for Lucas arts, I had a small role designing and developing the first time user experience.

Da Vinci’s Demons: The Apprentice

The Apprentice is a mobile game for iOS and Android we developed  in Unity3D with the Stars network for their show “Da Vinci’s Demons”. On this product I was involved in core concept development and prototyping. I also worked on game balance, QA and QC.

DreamWorks DreamPlace: Adventure to Santa

DreamPlace was a contract we did for DreamWorks putting a new spin on going to see Santa at the mall. On this project I primary did UI/UX and Game design documentation.

“The Space Ship”

This is an experimental digital interactive installation I designed, build, and developed over a 2 month period. Players get to go inside and pilot a space ship though entirely analog controls.  Its was developed in unity and controlled by a network of Arduinos, I am currently upgrading it to be controlled by a Ras Pi and other break out broads for input and output.

The space ship was featured at FITC Toronto and in the closing credits for the event.

Big thanks to everyone I worked with there and extra thanks to Will Reid who put all our videos together your a boss!

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